Far away from the world

I was alone at a bay

With a mind screaming that you are in pain

A mind that made no gain

It started on that clear day

And ended in a shady way;

After hearing the crowd

I decided to be alone

With no love or support

My heart carried a pain

But it was to begin again

With a dead heart and no gain

And the courage inside roared

With the hearty soul

I began again….

In the dread lands

It came again, clearing the Sky

The shade ventured me

Pushing me down were I had started;

Making me remember my life with you

The beautiful plays of ours

The naughty games of yours

The pretty eyes which carried me away

The hand of yours which was there to make my day

The voice for which I yell now

And the touch for which I do bow

Together we were all great

But now I am near the bay

With the shady waves

Over me again

Piercing my soul out killing the bay

So loud;

But here the battle begins

With the life of mine, not the knife of yours ….