Guess who we have at Meet the @uthor today?! …. its none other than extremely talented and romantic word weaver Saravana Kumar Murugansarav

About Sarav:
Saravana Kumar Murugan is the contributing author of several anthologies that include “Uff Ye Emotions 2”, “Will You Be My Dirty Little Secret?”, “A Little Chorus Of Love”, “Love Stories Around Us”, among others. He also is the compiler and editor of the books “Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time” & “Shades Of Life” by Shades Publications. His poems have been published in several online magazines and his debut book as a poet is to be released soon. He is the Marshal of Blog-a-Ton, the online marathon of Bloggers; where bloggers decide a theme and write on a monthly basis. He writes under a pen name “Someone is Special” at “Few Miles– shortlisted as one of the Top 12 Creative Blogs of India in 2014”, and winner of more than 25 contests in blog-o-sphere.
Apart from writing, he is a technical lead at Wipro by profession. He has won Best Campus Joinee Award, Technology Innovation Spark Award for his work. He is graduated B. Tech in Information Technology. He loves capturing life through lens, giving life to paper with pencil, and at times, he satisfies his stomach with his own cooking.

Now to our interview session………..

  • What brought you to the field of words?
    • My dream girl inspired me to start writing. From then on the love for words brought me into this field.
  • How do you balance between your job and writing?
    • At the start of my career, I wrote at nights to solace my heart and refresh myself. As days passed on, I wrote all day and night as I fell in love with words. These days I write very less because of my tedious job. I hope to find the right balance between my job and writing soon. Like I did in the past.
  • What do you think is the disadvantages of being a writer/editor?
    • Well, there’s no absolute disadvantage. But at times, I have to apologise to people because of missing timelines or for breaking promises.
  • What is to be a writer in India vs Germany?
    • While I was in Germany (I am back to India) I had more time to write but I wrote a little. While in India, I have very less time to write and read, still I read/write more than I was in Germany.
  • If you can be the character in a story, who will it be and why?
    • If you are asking from the stories I wrote, then I’m almost the lead character in every story I write (that’s how I imagine my stories). If it is in general, I would like to be Noah of Notebook. Do I have to answer why? Love, it is!
  • How do you feel when you see your name on a book cover?
    • Happy! I cannot express my happiness in words. Maybe, in one or the other future interviews I can share a recorded video of holding the book for the first time. PS: I am yet to hold the book, Shades of Life in my hand.
  • What are your upcoming ventures and what’s your success mantra?
    • IndiAuthor, it is going to be the roof for future authors. I am doing my best to complete the setup and relaunch it in flying colours. Coffee Date, Twelve and Half, are the books I am currently working on. I hope to see it in print soon.There’s no success mantra as such. As long as I am able to touch the hearts of people, I can be a successful author.
  • As a writer what do you think your commitment to society is?
    • Well, I am just a budding writer. One day when I reach heights I want to make sure that each and every citizen of India has at least read ten books in their lifetime.
  • What’s your advice to budding writers or any special message to readers?
    • Write, read and rewrite, because only practice makes you perfect. When you write, do listen to your heart, as it will help you write heart-touching stories instead of mere bestsellers.
  • Message to all the book lovers
    I like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends (it’s a big list) and readers for supporting me no matter whatever I wrote in all these years. I wish to see the same support in future.

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