12659783_852325174889455_1869205552_nLove and other enchantment as its name suggests will give you 15 hues of love from the hands of 5 brilliant writers. I don’t think it is giving you tales but incidents and scenes of life which will prompt reader to weave the story of love in its essential shade! The ride with the book was a wave with its ups and down, stumbles and surprises. Each story will take you to a land of love of its kind! It’s a mixed collection which will please all types of readers.

Tanima Kedar : I consider this writer’s work to be the best way to start the book; her quote on love ‘As complex as the universe as deep as the sea, love is like a maze, getting lost, is the key’ gives the best impression and elegant kickoff to her section

Till death do us part depicting the emotional attachment and unnoticed success of love and care was really touching to read. Together Forever gives the tough choices in love and sacrifice or say what age, relations, time can do to love; I personally preferred protagonist to come up with a better solution or a happier ending! The Diary after the previous ones was a little low note saying the confusions and obsessive disorders of love which kind of felt out of place, predictable and easily rushed up.

Ishan Dafaria: This one have variety essence and thoughts!

Closure described how fate can cause storms in lives, and waiting for a right moment can give unexpected results. I felt the idea of it impressive and had a high standard touch to it! Different Things is perspective of life by a man, how changes and time took a troll on him, a lot of things cross over in this small life. Excluding the feeling that it’s monotonous, it is a nice piece of work. Hatred Crime and Love made me feel a Bollywood-Hollywood mix, sacrifice of a hot shot and the typical simple girl and hunk scene; it was indeed a change but a little out of the line!

Akash Deep Gupta: This part shows beauty in simplicity where twists are introduced with grace. A mixed package of creativity.

The Poem is a different version of the geek and the intelligent diva in the start which later on confuses the reader to give something unexpected. The poetic style and the presentation of its idea impressed me. Charm of those Eyes gives a fantasy touched narration of an army man. It had its suspense and beauty intact with the background of war and army. An interesting piece of work. The Lake of Love felt like a classic, Duke’s daughter and a musician in court in love and how it turned out. Light touch of mystery in the start is an added attraction.

Maliny Mohan: Here I saw a different meaning of love altogether. More realistic and practical approach makes it more beautiful.

At the Bus Stop, as said shows a different meaning of love. How an act of kindness meant all relations of love and world to a man. Here it is brilliantly kept till end to find out what love here actually means! The Revival shows how one got rid of the burden of expectation and revived to life or a fresh start; the simplicity added elegance to the concept! He Loves me Not had its realistic nature but felt like rushed. A girl met an unexpected turn in her hope of love.

Anuj Kumar: It indeed explored different thoughts but I felt this part could have done far better.

So Mad In Love tried to depict the love in worship of divinity in a futuristic way. It also shows the traps of fraud man gods, an eye opener or awareness. It’s not soothing everytime gives a darker shade of love, exploring psychological issues. I felt it to be a little odd though considering that such a guy who is concretely doubted by society to be still free! Still it was a thriller. Known Unknown shows how communication and openness is a must in any relation, had a feel of Aashique!


I would rate this collection 3/5 and would like to invite romantic hearts to try this beauty!!!