“She crafted it with her soul but the waves engulfed it as whole…

Chaining her wings; it roared… like a beast in a destruction mode..,

But she was never to put down; up above she rode… to gain aboard “

She heard the waves splashing on to stones and retreating back, carrying the sand grains with them as she stood in the balcony of her mansion, lost in memories. She felt as if those light grains who are in control of those waves is so much like her and her life!!!

This very beach is her native place, this is where she started her journey to the current status of a successful sand artist. She still remember those waves of her life that toyed her like a sand grain. Sand was always a fascination for her, she loved how she was able create her dreams in them, they were so compatible with her hands, it took shapes as lead by her hands easily. All her free time she shared her happiness, sorrow, excitements everything with them on the seashore.

But of course this was never entertained in her orthodox family. They considered it a waste of time and girls of teen are supposed to utilize time to handle household better. She still had the marks on her body which was gifted for creating beauty in sand while she was supposed to serve ‘chai’ for her brother, who was enjoying his samosa after his tiring duty of watching cricket in the showroom screen in the nearby mall. It was such a crime that her brother had to have samosa without ‘chai’.

Still she didn’t back out she pursued to create sand arts in the veil of secrets, ‘cause that was only when she attained peace. She dreamed to be a sand artist one day, show casing her talent to the world like the heroine she saw in that movie. She had the yearning to learn it professionally but never had a chance to.

It was on one of her usual Sundays that she met him, a creative photographer. She was taken aback at first for a stranger taking her photos, finding her, in her secret place. But later on she found that he was more interested in her sand arts, to click photos and put it into something he called ‘blog’ where everyone could see them, than her. She was scared at first but the beauty of her works seen through a camera lens, hooked her. She saw how people praised her works in that thing, as they started the spark of friendship meeting there, on every Sundays. Her curiosity to know new things and his sources to provide her info brought them closer. She saw her dreams blooming through him. He promised her that he would take her to glory, where she could learn everything she want….

Child marriage was an important custom for those families there. They didn’t know that they were killing innocence of those souls with it, or rather it was a business deal or exchange of assets. It was followed unaltered around the area.

With shock she found out from her mother that her turn is up to be sacrificed in the name of that damned custom, and she had very few days left in her hands. In the desperate will to gain freedom and chase her dreams, she started gaining trust in him as he promised her to help her run away from this trap.

That Sunday she was determined to never return, she packed her bags and left with him. That is when she really understood that along with her thirst to gain on dreams, she started developing a new found feeling for him that was very warm and sweet!!!

She felt as if she grew wings as she traveled out of her town for the first time as she saw the moving views behind her from the van window.

She was brought into a resort, a new shore, new yet familiar; a posh side of coast maybe; there were foreigners, party areas loud music pubs and bars.  She was taken into the resort with him. She was anxious and felt strange sensation as she felt she was nearing to her dreams. But she never knew, it is not what it seems to be!

She did feel something inside her when she was brought into a clean arranged room where she was supposed to meet a great sand artist who would teach her. But she never knew….

In the sound of those waves and loud music, no one heard her loud cries. No one saw the cruelty where the young girl was torn by the beast whom she thought would take her to freedom. She lost what was most precious to any girl, in the most sadistic way to the man for whom she felt magic for the first time. She lost it, she felt as if all the sand forms she created were cleared by the splash of a single strong wave, a huge beat to her!

Following to the havoc he created when she woke up, after what she felt like eternity; she couldn’t find any clue about him, she left the room holding on to her with what was left in her to the shore, to the sands! As she stood on the shore in that distorted form she felt the grains slipping below her feet, just like she was losing her life!

She turned to those sands and started making sand forms vigorously with all her might like a mad woman. She didn’t care to see those looks, she got as she did it. She didn’t feel strange but continued what she was doing, to create what was her biggest work of her life so far.

She didn’t feel exhausted nor tired she went on and on and on. That is when she noticed the crowd around watching her with admiration and awe. The sand was then depicting her glory and the waves couldn’t touch her.

They were watching her work, she got coins, cash and kind words poured in, that is when she decided nothing is over; she was gaining on her power; power of someone who have nothing to lose!

She started earning on that shore with her arts attracting the tourists, poured into that shore, she started mending pieces of her broken self. And during those days she got the help of a social servicing community of nearby college.

They helped her build on her talent, gave her basic facilities, and taught her new ways of life. She got a publicity for her works through their technical help of spreading about her works in social media.

As time flew, she grew popular… popular enough to gain her first contract on sand art in a function there…. She created herself… she rebuild her dreams…………….a queen achieving her dreams….

Bringing her back to reality, her ‘aaya’ called her from the hall stating that she have visitors. She found it odd to have visitors in her mansion at that hour… she wondered whether it would be some clubs to book her show of sand art; rather than sending a message through ‘aaya’ that her schedule is packed she moved in to see those familiar faces with utter shock… her family standing there in the glimmering light of the costly decorative lamps….