There’s a world of mine,

which twirls me every time

Like an ocean band in the blue skies

And make my beats rise

The uncertainty inside me is thrilling,

Yet kills me down;

Calls me for new adventures

And takes my beats again to cloud high…..

I am all alone in the shades

With no beauty that passed me light

I can now walk in the dark

But my heart still throbs

And pull me down………..

One moon day

With light spreading across

To redeem my fear

I started my journey

To fight the shades

And all I had was a blade

The path surrounded with people

Staring at me with a stark;

Making me run hard

To a land far away

But the world turned me down

Making me uncertain about the path……….

Oh lord what is this that I can’t make;

I know the path

But I can’t get there

Please enrich some power in me

That clears the shade away,

And bring the light of joy in me again,

It’s not you who did this

I was uncertain about the world

The world which dared me,

With their piercing eyes

Making me mad again

And this is what I never got clear

Uncertainty which thrilled me so long

Is killing me …. Now …. !!!