Sanjeev Bansal’s exquisite poems are epistles to the past, reflections upon the future and heartbreaking meditations upon the metaphysics of daily transcendence. One of the most subtly imaginative poets, Bansal bravely transcribes his love for the hilly terrains of Shimla into the charged intersections of love and rejection, nature and religion, loss and renewal. His poems are lucid snapshots developed in a subtle amalgam of memory and intuition. Lyrical and linguistically inventive and yet faithful to poesy of European gloom, Bansal investigates complex personal history, family and romantic love in carefully sculpted lines, thereby making his poetry an odyssey at once metaphorically and emphatically real.


An Ode to Shimla by Sanjeev Bansal is a collection of poems that reflect the beauty of nature, Shimla as it embraces the essence of love and life. It contains 54 poems and prologue and epilogue interlinked like the beads of the same chain. These poems will remind how beautiful our mother nature is!

What came to my mind as I started reading the book is the quote by John Keats – “The poetry of earth is never dead” ; True indeed! An Ode to Shimla keeps the poetry of Earth alive. There is a flow to his verses, it beautifully rolls out of your tongue as you read through, giving your mind and soul space for deep thoughts.
You will fall in love with the poet’s style from the prologue itself and you will dwell in more into it as you go on. It might give you that warm feeling with nostalgia throughout; these poems holds that soothing effect. The classical style of writing is refreshing to read. A few of these poems is strong enough to stay within you. I especially loved his epilogue where the poet urges his words, poems to go annoy, greet, entertain the readers no matter what… it gave me chuckles! 🙂

Go then, my poesy,
Don’t be ashamed to annoy the reader.
Don’t think ye’re a traveler of the horde.
Though ye lack a name, they’ll figure out the genre,
it’s clear ye’re mine.
If anyone thinks ye’re worthless to read,
Because it’s written by me, & shoos ye away,
Say “I’m not Love’s Ace,
It has already got what it is entitled to.”

My rating would be 4.25/5 for this true romance with nature. To my readers – if you love poetry, don’t miss this one, it surely will impress you!

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