About the book:

’18 Via Teen- Be yourself’ the name says it all. It enumerates the various phases of a teen and the hopes, aspirations, apprehensions, ambiguity, insecurity, dilemma, restlessness and sensitiveness, associated with each phase. Each story vividly depicts the psychological aspects of a teenage girl/boy and how the intuition helps her/his to overcome the hurdles one after another, which in teen makes her/his matured.


For me, to be a teen is like to embrace the chaos, to live life like a rollercoaster ride; filled with extremes of all emotions.

18 via Teen – Be Yourself is such a collection of short stories that explore and highlight the moments of that roller coaster ride. Every story starts with a quote that could strike your thoughts and goes along with the supporting thoughts that will feed your mind. Every story holds a strong a message to convoy and this collection succeeded in covering most of the aspects of teen life from psychology, love, fears, situations, confusions, insecurities to all those challenges they comes across in the ride to maturity.

This inspirational and motivating light read not only works for teenagers but with all to introspect oneself. There is no tragic endings but the positivism of brave hearts who succeeded their challenge. Each story is a beauty in its own way.

The rain holds a special role in many of the stories which seemed interesting and special to me; might be the love of the writer for rains. Disregarding some glitches in language/writing, may be the editing errors and a few stories low, it is indeed a strong book to be a guide/support for teen life. Also the cover design could have been much better.

I would rate this book 4 J and recommends it to all readers to feed your mind with strong thoughts and positivism.

About the author:

Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon, 23 years
Historian| Writer| M.D. Novelist Magazine
Lives in Jorhat, Assam, she holds degree of B.A. She has contributed her writings in few anthologies and magazines. Also initiated an anthology “A Phase Unknown Women- A Tribute” and the book has been awarded the “Best Anthology Award 2014”. She is also the winner of “Aagaman Tejasvani Samman 2014” by Sanmati Publishers and distributors. She also works as M.D. for an e-magazine named Novelist Magazine. Currently pursuing her Masters from Guwahati University. 18 Via Teen Be Yourself ”
follow her at : https://www.facebook.com/rhittikashreyasi23/


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