His head was up in the air,

Eyes filled with arrogant flare.

Beauty means power, he was told

With people his heart was cold.

In himself he always indulged,

For him surrounding never bulged.

Being blind eyed to his own dirts,

Many hearts around, he hurts.

His deeds  lead him to be cursed,

Pride in physical beauty ,pierced.

He was turned into a beast,

Agony for him to feast.

True beauty , his lesson to learn

True love , his reason to yearn.

The beast met the beauty ,

Saved her from fangs of  cruelty.

Caught up in face of similarity

Both had a state of familiarity.

Like a puzzle, they clicked.

Filled voids, they clipped.

The beast free in his skin,

The beauty safe in his kin.

The rhythm of love knocks,

The claw of spell unlocks.

With the mighty power of true love bound in their hearts forever ,

They wrote  their fairy tale of

Happily ever after to endeavor.