Sam had everything one could ask for: A shining board exam result Great apartment in Chennai with super cool flatmates The most amazing group of friends The perfect boy-next-door charm And, a magical dream of love to chase (Re)Enter Jenny: the girl who had unknowingly changed Sam’s life years ago. ‘The Angel’, Sam used to call her when he didn’t know her. Now that Jenny struggles with her doomed destiny, will Sam be able to help her out? Two steps away from entering the realm of their own ‘happily ever after’, Sam and Jenny’s lives get caught in a conflux of passion and betrayal – otherwise known as Dev Aryan. How many will survive the storm? Shuttling between Chennai, Tiruppur, Coimbatore and Bengaluru, Sam narrates his story of unlikely and unparalleled friendships. Revisit the classrooms of uncomplicated love and scribble songs of undying companionship in the side margins of notebooks with Sam’s story of engaging vividity that is continually illuminated by the pyrotechnics of curiosity, candour, and wit.”

Book Review:

The DEViant follows life of Sam , your next-door guy who faces all those usual hurdles of life- friendship, love, betrayal, studies…. Can he keep up with those passing each of them with glory?!

The name and the blurb of the story creates a remarkable impact and that’s what attracted me first to the book. The best first impression managed to survive till the end 😉 . The way story unfolds is impressive , its a steady path that might give your brain a shake to bring out all those teenage memories. The backdrop for the story is efficiently framed. It will create a connection with the readers with its narration and presentation style. Jenny and Dev give out a strong appeal equal to the main lead Sam, if not more. The best part is deeply and well explained scenarios that easily gets into a readers imagination scope.

There was too much to handle for a debutante it could have been simpler. Writing style holds scope for improvement. The story-line could have been brought out stronger with regards to few threads or scenes.

I will rate this amazing work 4.25/5 . I invite book lovers to give it a try, you will find it worth for sure.

About the Author:

SHANKAR S PADMANABAN was born in Tiruppur, ‘The Knitwear Capital of India’ and now currently resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate currently working in an Automotive MNC. He’s an avid reader of Indian fiction novels. In college, apart from the hefty engineering assignments he wrote, he discovered his passion for writing and started writing short stories and articles. He’s also a fond traveller and an adventure freak and loves exploring new places. Apart from writing and travelling, he collects stamps. His collection of stamps dates way back to 1960’s. He also plays chess and is a die-hard foodie.

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